Whole & Half Angus Beef for Sale

Taking Reservations for
Summer 2021


Processed by AGP in Craig, CO

We will supply a custom beef cut chart for whole and half beef orders.

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  • All beef is born, raised and butchered locally
  • Good Hope Cattle beef is 100% grass finished
  • No antibiotics, corn or grain

To reserve your whole or half beef, a deposit is required.

2021 deposits are $200 for half beef and $400 whole beef.

*All deposits go towards the final cost.

Purchase Details & Break Down

Price for whole or half beef is based on beef hanging weight.

Whole beef hanging weight is approximately 550 lbs.

Half beef hanging weight is approximately 225 lbs.

Price is $6.25 per pound of the hanging weight. All beef is flash frozen as soon as it is processed and your pick up time will be arranged.

Final payment to Good Hope Cattle is due when hanging weight is determined.

* Weights vary between animals; all prices are subject to change.

Cost Estimates

Whole Beef Cost (includes processing):
Example: 550 lbs x $6.25 = $3,437.50-$400 deposit = $3,037.50 final balance

*All prices are subject to change.

Freezer Space Estimate

Once your beef is dry aged and processed the final take home weight of your beef will be approximately 55-65% of the total hanging weight. Freezer space for a whole beef will fill a standard 22 cubic foot freezer.

Bulls For Sale


Angus with Altitude ® bulls are bred for a low pulmonary artery pressure score, ease of calving and docile temperament.

Please contact us at 970-736-1198 for current inventory of Angus with Altitude® bulls for sale and Angus beef for sale


To Farmer’s Markets in the Yampa Valley and  Local Stores in Steamboat Springs and Oak Creek.


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