Historic water right on the Last Chance Ditch from Trout Creek allows for Summer irrigation on native pastures. Several springs on the property keep clean healthy water flowing year around for the ranch to utilize for livestock. Wildlife are abundant throughout the ranch from cranes, bald eagle, coyote, fox, mountain lion, bear, moose, elk and deer.


The Last Chance Ranch 

Good Hope Cattle is located at 8,600 ft elevation in Oak Creek, CO near the base of the Flat Top Wilderness and the untouched surrounding Routt National Forest.

Husband and wife team Matthew and Caitlin Kryder raise Heritage Aberdeen Angus Beef that are 100% grass fed and grass finished with no antibiotics, no added growth hormones or grain. Good Hope Cattle also sells Angus with Altitude Heritage Aberdeen Angus Bulls. These bulls have been PAP tested by Dr. Timothy Holt of CSU to identify their pulmonary artery pressure measurement. This essential early test identifies potential cases of High Mountain Disease (HMD) and ensures proper culling management decisions for breeding stock at high altitudes.

They irrigate and produce their own native grass hay and feed all winter at the Last Chance Ranch, Home of Good Hope Cattle. All cattle are born and raised on the ranch.

Good Hope Cattle sells whole and half sides of beef as well as beef bundles directly.

Angus with Altitude bulls are sold private treaty. Please contact 508-971-3238 for current beef and bull inventory.


Good Hope Cattle is a polyculture of landscapes. From rolling pastures to cool aspen forest, ponds and flowing water. The property is mainly surrounded by national forest which makes for a rich diversity of forage and wild animal life.
We rotate cattle through a variety of paddocks on the ranch, allowing for regrowth of grass which allows cattle access to fresh clean pasture with a new water source. The surrounding forest aids as shade during our short summer months.
In Colorado, Elk calve in June and so do our cows. We have found simultaneously calving with other native ungulates in the area provides for the best outcome for our cattle. Nature is in tune and calves have less of a threat from wildlife and mother nature.
Good Hope Cattle’s goals are ongoing and we are working to improve water management solutions and the constant erosion problem many farmers and ranchers face. We are currently working with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to install new irrigation systems and to utilize improved water management practices to reduce erosion and improve the efficiency of water usage while also improving  on our regenerative agriculture though intensively rotational grazing.

We would be proud to provide our beef product to you…from our ranch, to your home. 

Sincerely, The Kryder Family